Steinwehr Avenue, 1971


Photo courtesy of the Library of Congress

Visitors pass through town on Steinwehr Avenue heading toward PA-134, pictured below circa September 1971.

The Gettysburg National Museum was established by George D. Rosensteel as a visitor attraction in 1921. At one time, it housed the Gettysburg Electric Map, originally built to tell the story of the Battle of Gettysburg for the 100th anniversary, after the National Park Service acquired the museum. Despite its popularity, the map was cut up and placed in storage when the National Park Service opened a new visitor center in 2008. The map was bought at auction in 2013 and reassembled at the conference center in downtown Hanover, but it is currently closed pending a resolution of zoning issues. Follow Gettysburg Electric Map in Hanover, PA on Facebook for more updates.

Did you know?

Steinwehr Avenue is the corridor that connects the Gettysburg Battlefield to the rest of the town. Entering from the south, you’ll pass where Pickett led his charge. From the north, you’ll pass through the downtown area.


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