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Feature Article Marty, Kay and Robin

A lot can happen in a decade, so we asked some community members where they were in 2006, and what they think (or hope!) they’ll see in the future. Marty Mummert Artist/Owner, Marty Mummert…

On the Menu The Hanover Hub front window

Where super sandwiches, salads, and specials are locally sourced and homemade from scratch Love sandwiches? Then head over to The Hanover Hub. Located in Hanover’s old Hotel…

Adams County Remembered The Wagon Hotel

The Wagon Hotel (later called the Battlefield Hotel), shown circa 1886, stood at the corner of Baltimore Street and Emmitsburg Road. It was a popular…

Feature Article

We can’t get enough of Gettysburg and our surrounding areas. Here are some of our favorite spots and activities—some few have heard of, others local…

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