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Mother and daughter team up to open Sagebrush Shack 

By Sophia Harrison

For Sage Jacques, plants have gone from a quarantine hobby to a love she’s cultivated and propagated all throughout Gettysburg. Joined by her mother Heather Margonis, the aptly named duo opened the Sagebrush Shack at 430 Baltimore St.—a cozy historic home-turned-plant shop offering lush greenery and whimsical natural goods. 

“In the early summer of 2020, we were still locked down, and I started really diving into learning about plants. I thought they were so fascinating, and I couldn’t stop after that,” says Sage. Later that summer, Heather joined her in her interests, and the pair began selling succulents and cacti at the Williams Grove Farmers Flea Market. 

From there, their blossoming business found its home on Baltimore Street—and the darling brick house with yellow-trimmed windows is hard to miss. “Gettysburg wasn’t our first choice because we live over the mountain, but one night my mom sent me a listing of our building,” Sage remembers. “It was perfect; all the natural sunlight that shines in really sold us. We’ve always loved Gettysburg, so it just felt right.” 

Their eclectic shop is filled with all varieties of earthy goods, but Sage and Heather’s knowledge of their catalog—including a large variety of plants, plant-inspired clothing, tea blends, herbs and herbal remedies—makes shopping easy. A few of Sage’s favorites include the Herbal Chocolate Chai tea blend, a pair of patchwork overalls and herbal salves that she says are good for the skin. 

The Sagebrush Shack also offers plant installation services for business owners to beautify their commercial spaces with foliage designed by a team of professionals, as well as events and classes for the public. 

First-time plant parents? “I’d recommend pothos and sansevierias (snake plants) just because they are easy to care for,” Sage says. “There’s definitely so many other options; it all depends on the environment and how that person is either attentive or inattentive.” 

The practical—and aesthetic—power of plants cannot be overstated. “They clean your air, taking toxins out, and they are just calming to have a little oasis in your home,” shares Sage. And, at the Sagebrush Shack, your new plant baby will come home with you in a beautiful biodegradable pot. 

“My mom and I have a great duo dynamic,” she says, “so it’s really cool to see this as our livelihoods and make something for ourselves that we both cherish.” 

Sagebrush Shack

430 Baltimore St., Gettysburg 




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