Research Seminar: Searching Historic Newspapers

Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum 625 Biglerville Rd., Gettysburg, PA

In fleshing out the lives of our ancestors or a specific historical event, the newspapers of the day are an often-overlooked resource. Learn the most up-to-date strategies for finding and searching these local and national publications with ACHS Historian Tim Smith. Tickets are now available at: Tickets are $10/members and $25/non-members. Please note that a

$10 – $25

McAllister’s Mill Walking Tour

Gettysburg Beyond the Battle Museum 625 Biglerville Rd., Gettysburg, PA

Probably the most famous and best documented of the “Underground Railroad” sites in the area, James McAllister and his family assisted hundreds of freedom seekers in the years prior to the American Civil War. The Adams County Historical Society has gained special permission from the property owner for this exciting tour of the site. Join

$20 – $30

Street Food Fiesta! // ¡Fiesta de Comida Callejera!

Gettysburg Rec Park Long Lane, Gettysburg, PA

The Adams County Farmers Market is excited to host our first annual Street Food Fiesta in partnership with Casa de la Cultura! This event is meant to be a celebration of Central- and South American culinary traditions as well as a chance to highlight Latino-owned businesses in our community. Use the application below to sign


HGAC 2023 Barn Tour

Historic Round Barn and Farm Market 298 Cashtown Rd., Biglerville, PA

Travel back in time as you visit six historic barns in the Gettysburg area. Drive to each barn in any order and stay as long as you like. Experience living history from the 19th century when these old barns were built using only hand tools. Family-friendly events will be held at each barn. Tour starts

$35 – $40

Eisenhower in Gettysburg with Tim Smith

Adams County Historical Society 1648 Taneytown Rd, Gettysburg, PA

Dwight D. Eisenhower lived in Gettysburg twice–first during WWI, when he led a tank training camp and combatted a deadly pandemic, and again as president, when he entertained foreign leaders and steered the country clear of nuclear war. Explore the life and legacy of our nation’s 34th president and his beloved wife, Mamie, through a

LCAC 25th Annual Fall Road Rally!

The beautiful backroads of Adams County!

Each year our Road Rally guides more than 50 driver-navigator teams on an exciting road trip across the county’s most beautiful, least-traveled roads at the peak of fall foliage colors. Along the way, you’ll be asked specific trivia questions and participate in small skill challenges. Our Rally is not a race, but there are prizes

Eisenhower’s Gettysburg Farm

Adams County Historical Society 1648 Taneytown Rd, Gettysburg, PA

In his long life, Dwight Eisenhower owned only one homestead: his Gettysburg farm. Following his rise to prominence as the supreme commander of the Allied forces in Europe in World War II, Eisenhower sought to purchase a piece of property where he and Mamie could settle down and where he could leave the land better


From Budapest to Gettysburg: Gabor Boritt’s New Birth of Freedom

Adams County Historical Society 1648 Taneytown Rd, Gettysburg, PA

Dr. Gabor Boritt is one of the most recognized Lincoln scholars of the past century. His work spans nearly five decades and has transformed our understanding of America’s 16th president. Gabor’s son, Jake, produced the film Budapest to Gettysburg in 2007 about his father’s remarkable journey from a childhood caught in the crossfire of the