Victor “Swifty” Palmer


Photo & Story Submitted by Tim Weikert

Tim Weikert is a lifelong resident of Gettysburg and landscape photographer, focusing on Gettysburg, Adams County, and the surrounding area. His work can be seen at

“I recently found some old prints from a photography class I took circa 1989. This was Swifty Palmer’s fruit stand on West High Street. I’ll never forget it. The assignment was street photography, and I had never asked a stranger if I could take their picture before. As intimidating a figure as Mr. Palmer was, he didn’t even make me ask. As soon as he saw my camera, he grabbed a couple clusters of bananas and struck a pose. The pictures have faded a bit, but the memory hasn’t.”

Did you know?
According to his obituary, Swifty had been an auctioneer for 50 years, fought in World War I in 1918, and “was never without his trademark cigar.”


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