Where super sandwiches, salads, and specials are locally sourced and homemade from scratch

Love sandwiches? Then head over to The Hanover Hub.

Located in Hanover’s old Hotel Richard McAllister at 11 York St., this casual eatery serves super sandwiches. They’re not the only thing on the menu, but at The Hanover Hub, sandwiches rule.

And the Reckless Reuben is king. “This sandwich is so popular you could say it has its own cult following,” says Chef and Owner Alex Slagle. What’s so special about his version of the popular corned-beef sandwich? The rye bread? Well no, there is no rye; not even pumpernickel. Slagle uses a roll.

The thinly sliced corned beef? This Reuben is packed with corned beef so tender it doesn’t lend itself to neat slices. It’s pulled. The brisket is slowly braised in Reckless Brew, a beer locally made by Miscreation Brewing Company. Then it’s tossed in a mouthwatering Thousand Island dressing that’s made in house.

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Whether it’s a sizzling burger or a festive, fresh salad, everything on the menu comes with Slag’s creative innovation. “Every day is a good day here,” he says. “This is an adventure. Everything we do is 110 percent, and everything we make is from scratch.”

“Alex knows every ingredient that goes into what he serves—everything’s fresh; nothing comes from a box or can,” says Frankie McGinnes, his aunt and former assistant. “This is Alex’s dream since he was a litt le boy, and for me to see his dream realized—there’s nothing better.” McGinnes worked at the Hub when Slagle took it over in June 2014. She left in September of this year to reap the joys of being a grandmother. “Frankie was one of the biggest assets to our restaurant,” adds Slagle. “Everyone misses her.”

Reckless Reuben

RECKLESS REUBEN. The king of the menu, this Reuben is packed with tender pulled corned beef and brisket braised in Reckless Brew, then topped with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island dressing.

Growing the business is where Tara Slagle, Alex’s wife, excels. “We have an adjacent ballroom to the restaurant that is an ideal location for a Christmas party,” she says. “I actually held my work holiday party there last year for the Hanover Hospital emergency department, and it was a blast.” The ballroom is also appropriate for events such as birthday parties, baby showers, and corporate events for groups of 25 to 150. Off site catering for similar events such as family parties is also available for groups of 50 to 100. “Alex catered a beautiful wedding a few weeks ago, and we have been hearing raving reviews from the guests ever since,” Tara says.

Wednesday nights at 6:30 p.m. is when Open Mic Night begins and runs until closing. That’s when the restaurant usually fi lls all 40 seats to capacity and local talent performs music, recites poetry, or sings. It’s a casual time to get something to eat, relax over a nonalcoholic beverage, and meet a few people.

If you’re there for a good meal, try the Cheyrulez Burger. It’s a heft y 6 oz. burger made with a hearty red wine barbecue sauce. Tasty melted cheese and crisp onion rings on a crusty house-made bun complete the presentation. It’s a big meal, and if you want to add the Hub’s crispy homemade chips or seasoned fries you can add them á la carte.

Holly Heisey of Hanover recommends the Hub Club Wrap, which comes with blackened chicken, bacon, lettuce, tomato, feta, and avocado with ranch dressing. “It seems kind of healthy, but maybe not. I like my chicken blackened a litt le bit, and the avocado goes well with the litt le bit of spice,” Heisey says.

Salads, fresh and crispy, colorful and healthy, are served too. Chicken can be added to the house salad. The Greenish salad is a classic Mediterranean-style combination of greens, tomatoes, Kalamata olives, pepperoncini, and red onions. But the Philly Salad is the one Tara recommends. “I love the Philly Salad! It’s all the fl avors of a cheese steak exemplified into a low-carb option,” she says.

Whether it’s a sizzling burger or a festive, fresh salad, everything on the menu comes with Slag’s creative innovation.

The best part of owning The Hanover Hub, Alex says, “is being tied into the local community. I love food, and I strive to please our customers and want them to come back; to get to know them. They’re more of a family to us.”

Tara adds, “The people of Hanover have been very supportive, and we love it when we hear them say ‘our Hub’ because it is theirs, and they deserve to eat somewhere where the food is cooked out of passion.”



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