Peace Light Inn, 1947


Photo courtesy of the Adams County Historical Society

The Majestic Theater staff enjoys a beverage together at the Peace Light Inn
in 1947.

The Peace Light Inn began as a short-order restaurant and soda fountain, and it was a popular hangout for teenagers during the 1940s. Constructed by the Warner family in 1941, it was a prominent gathering place and saw numerous dignitaries and famous visitors who valued its close proximity to the Eternal Light Peace Memorial. Cabins were added to the property in the mid-1940s. The structure was destroyed by a fire on March 16, 1979.

Did you know?

The local Chamber of Commerce commissioned a study in 1943 to find other places for youth in the area to congregate, citing the Peace Light Inn and street corners as the only places for teenagers, especially military cadets, to hang out.


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