Giving it a Whirl


Gettysburg Smoothie Co. blends cool choices at downtown Gettysburg’s newest hot spot

By Karen Hendricks  |  Photography by Casey Martin

Like any new small business, a lot of research went into the creation of Gettysburg Smoothie Co. (GSC). But let’s face it—there’s nothing stuffy about smoothies. That’s why, at GSC, the shop’s offerings are swirled with fun, playful touches—including smoothies called Beach Bum and Quit! You’re Beachin’—with bright vibrant colors to match.

Those creative, colorful cups are both nutritious and delicious. Located in the first block of York Street, GSC is a mecca of mixtures, whether you’re sipping or spooning your favorite flavors. 

The menu features 11 smoothies to choose from—and each one can be customized and tweaked in multiple ways. Bowls are also customizable with several fruit bases. And then—goodness gracious me oh my—there’s pie. In fact, Pie in a Blender—a whipped concoction in a cup that’s swoon-worthy—or spoon-worthy. Well, actually, both are true. 

Smooth Start

Gettysburg’s newest sweet spot developed from one of its sweat spots.

“We’ve had the gym, Gettysburg Performance Gym, for four-plus years, and a common theme with our members was having post-workout smoothies. But we didn’t have space to make them at the gym,” explains trainer and owner Phil Letendre of Gettysburg.

When a yoga studio moved out of 48 York St., Letendre saw the opportunity for a second business, a smoothie spot. And he knew the perfect person who could make everything run smoothly.

Gym client Linda Greeneltch had built a career in food service, devoting 19 years to area school kitchens, first at Eisenhower Elementary, then Gettysburg Area Middle School.

“When Phil approached me, I thought, ‘Maybe it’s time for a change, to do something different,’” Greeneltch recalls. She turned in her lunch lady badge for a new title: Gettysburg Smoothie Co. manager.

The First Step? 

“Literally, our team got together with lots of ingredients, and the menu came out of several iterations, tweaking flavors,” says Letendre, who opened the shop’s doors last May. “We offer traditional fruit-based smoothies. But post-workout is the perfect time to add protein, to build muscle, so we can add two types of protein—both plant-based and vegan.”

Letendre and GSC’s team can also tell customers which smoothies are best for recovery and rehydration—and which ones are their personal favorites.

For Greeneltch, who loves ginger, it’s the Detox Smoothie. It’s a mix of blueberry, mango, and banana with organic greens, a splash of strawberry juice—and, of course, ginger. Unlike other smoothie bars, GSC doesn’t dilute their smoothies with ice. 

Behind the Blender

Like the blending of smoothie ingredients, GSC runs on blended teamwork. 

“It’s absolutely amazing working here,” says James Greeneltch. “I’ve worked in a lot of kitchens, and this is, hands down, the best one.”

If his name rings a bell, it might be because he shares it with GSC’s manager, Linda—his mom.

“It’s fun to have my son working with me—it’s a team effort,” she says. And one team member works at both businesses. Alexis Stouffer starts her day by 5 or 6 a.m. as a personal trainer at the gym. By 9 a.m., she reports for GSC smoothie duty.

“I love forming relationships with our customers. This is definitely what Gettysburg has needed,” says Stouffer, whose go-to is the Açaí Bowl with her favorite trio of toppings: pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries.

Every bowl includes granola and two drizzles—honey, peanut butter, chocolate, caramel, or Nutella—for a balanced, refreshing meal. 

“Learning about the nutritional value is important,” Letendre says. “At the gym, along with lifting and exercise, we offer guidance on diet and nutrition, so this business was the next natural evolution.”

But you might never guess Letendre’s own career evolution; he practiced law for 10 years before becoming an entrepreneur who also co-owns Gettysburg Print & Frame.

“In law, I was traveling a lot, and the lifestyle didn’t fit with me having children and a family—my wife and I live in Gettysburg with our five kids [whose pictures grace the walls of GSC],” says Letendre. “I’m done with the corporate world, but I learned a ton in law, including the ins and outs of creating and operating businesses, and the importance of surrounding myself with the right people. We are just so appreciative of the community’s support—a fantastic response.”

What is it about smoothies and bowls that resonate with customers?

“We offer healthier options,” says Nicole Letendre, Phil’s wife. “And people love that we have so many options. It’s a quick and easy breakfast or lunch.”

And those days when you crave a sweet reward? Pie in a Blender also hits the sweet spot. 

Gettysburg Smoothie Co.

48 York St., Gettysburg


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