10 Years of Appreciating Our Past, Highlighting the Present


Celebrate Gettysburg’s first editor Jaime Ridgley wrote in our fifth anniversary issue, “With a handful of talented contributors and a group of advertisers who had faith in the magazine before an issue had even been published, Celebrate Gettysburg first hit the streets in 2007.” I loved this statement then and still love it now—it was so true. The magazine was started with nothing but big dreams and hard work. (Certainly no capital!) Ten years ago, my husband Troy and I started this magazine because we wanted an outlet in which to showcase all that is interesting, unique, and good in Adams County. It was important to us that we featured those things that didn’t have a voice or didn’t have the publicity or recognition that they deserved. We were young and hungry and knew that if we could just get the first issue out we could grow not only the magazine but also the appreciation of all the hidden gems in this area.

Now, 10 years later our mission is still the same. We may not be quite as young, but we’re still hungry to continue all the great things that make Celebrate Gettysburg the voice of our community.

…we wanted an outlet in which to showcase all that is interesting, unique, and good in Adams County.”

To recognize and celebrate the past of the magazine and the bright future ahead, we’ve revamped our logo, page design, and content direction, which you’ll see in this issue. We’ve also completely transformed the website to be a better vehicle of delivering timely information.

But that’s not all. As we celebrate our milestone 10-year anniversary, we’re also taking a look back at the last 10 years in Gettysburg and all the transformations our beloved town has witnessed (pg. 32). And we’re recognizing other local businesses and organizations celebrating milestone years in 2016 too (pg. 7).

We can’t thank you enough for sticking with us throughout the last decade. Even though producing this magazine is a lot of hard work, and we’ve hit some bumps and roadblocks along the way, we wouldn’t change a thing. We will continue to propel Celebrate Gettysburg and Adams County forward for many years to come!

Thank you to everyone who believed in us and believed in the concept of this magazine.



About Author

Jessica Dean

Born and raised in Adams County, Pennsylvania, Jessica and her husband, Troy, created Celebrate Gettysburg magazine in 2007. Before starting the publication, Jessica was the art director for Frederick Magazine, a successful regional publication based in Frederick, Maryland. She was the president for the AIGA Blue Ridge chapter and has won numerous awards for her graphic design. Always eager to give back to the community, Jessica has helped to promote many local activities and has volunteered her design services to a variety of regional nonprofit organizations. She lives in downtown Gettysburg with her family.

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